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    Fast Track Board for Phase 2 ET(ME) to LH

    hi all, i have a fast track board coming up soon as i pass out of sultan soon. was wondering if anyone has some insight on the board and what topics would be good to patch up on. any help is appreicated! cheers
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    Accelerated apprenticeship submariner

    Hello I’ve seen various different pipelines for accelerated apprenticeships submariner candidatesFirst one being…10 weeks Raleigh Then trade training at Sultan Smq dry - streamed into wesm or mesm Smq wetBut I’ve seen on certain jsp documents that the scheme follows that the same of the...
  3. A

    Filter Interview coming up... What to expect?

    Good afternoon,I have my interview with the AFCO in the coming week and I need to prepare some more. Can anyone suggest what topics may be covered? It's an interview for entry as an ET ME, so any specific experiences would be helpful in helping me prepare. Thanks in advance.
  4. G


    Hi guys, I applied in April this year for the role of ET(ME) and I have done the psychometric test and I gave my eye test results in earlier and I was wondering if anyone knows about the waiting list for the role of ET(ME) if so how long will I be looking to wait. Thank you
  5. C

    ETME Advice

    Hello all.I am about to enter HMS Raleigh joining as an ETME (SF) I was wondering what the normal working hours/shift pattern do they use? Will this effect shore time when away at sea. ("Drinking Rum")I have an NCFE in Maritime Engineeing, BTEC Diploma in Engineering, 8 months sea time on...