1. D

    Joining from Northern Ireland

    On April 29th I am due to start HMS Raleigh. Moving over from Northern Ireland, and with no family in England I am worried about bringing personal belongings over, and having places to store these until after finishing my time at HMS Raleigh. I am Joining as a Communications Technician (CT) and...
  2. rebbonk

    Pauper's History of England: 1,000 Years of Peasants, Beggars and Guttersnipes - by Peter Stubley

    I think Pen and Sword have sold themselves short on this one. The book arrived, the missus took one look at the cover and decided that it wasn’t a book she’d ever read. And to be honest, the cover just doesn’t do this little book justice. To me, it looked like a Tom Sharpe comedy when in truth...