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  1. C

    Technical prep for WEO

    Hi all,Sorry if this has already been discussed on here, had a thorough look and couldn’t see it.Some background, I’ve applied to join the RN as a Weapons Engineer Officer, passed all the application stages and, God willing, I’m hoping to get a place at BRNC in January (I was already offered...
  2. N

    Joining up Times

    Hi, Does anyone know the sort of waiting times for weapon engineering, wether it's for the surface fleet or even the weapon engineering on the Submarines.Cheers
  3. E

    A few questions about life in the RN and the engineering roles

    Had a few questions about the roles and life in general in the forcesWhat are the opportunities for the engineering officer roles (marine and weapons) in both the surface fleet and the submariner roles after leaving the RN? How easily would they be hired and what kind of jobs would be...
  4. Blondie2000

    Female joining RN engineering apprenticeship

    Hi - I’m completely new to the RN so I’m sorry if I sound like a newbie.I’m thinking of joining the school leaver engineering apprenticeship, not quite sure which division yet, and I’m wondering whether I’d get in. My A levels are AAA in Chemistry, Biology and Psychology (so I would be...
  5. 4

    Any tips for getting in the right frame of mind as a submariner?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been told that I have been selected for an accelerated apprenticeship as a submariner, which means the world to me. I start basic training in September and I believe I’ll be up to the task, as I’m physically fit and confident enough in my own abilities to get through the 10...
  6. 0

    Studied law - hated it, now want to pursue a career in engineering with the navy

    Hi everyone.I'm currently preparing to put my application in for either the accelerated apprenticeship scheme, or the undergraduate apprenticeship scheme to do engineering with the Navy (im currently undecided which area but I'm leaning towards avionics at the moment).My background is, I...
  7. G

    SE RTO options?

    Hi everyone, my application for SE cadetship was rejected due to not having a full maths A Level. Is it possible to join as an engineer apprentice, with intention of LH SE then RTO. Is this a plausible route for SE? I think it would be of benefit going in as a rating first to get a good...
  8. N


    Hi chaps, im about to qualify as a sparky after doing my 3 year apprenticeship with an electrical contractor, looking to join the RN by going in the AAS, the last 3 years at work ive pretty much not done any electrical work, ive been passing tools and watching my boss, apart from when ive been...
  9. G

    Unsure about decision.

    Hello, I have completed my application for a Weapons engineering technician and after a 5 or so month wait from August finally got my PRNC and Raleigh date which is another 6 months wait, however I how since been browsing forums and talking to people I know have realised that weapons...
  10. D

    Marine Engineer Specialisation

    Hi all,I have a fair idea of the training pipeline for a marine engineer (submariner) up to the point of the first competent job, but from there everything becomes a little obscure.What scope is there for 'specialisation'? Do each of the engineers train to become specialists in a particular...
  11. R

    Resettlement Opportunities - Engineers

    Hi All,I wanted to take this opportunity to first of all thank everyone for their service. Secondly, to see if I can now offer a helping hand.I work within the commercial building maintenance industry and assist a huge amount of Ex-Forces (Most frequently Navy) Engineers find their next role...
  12. youngmarino

    So many questions...

    I have my PRNC next month where I will have a job specific interview aswell as the fitness tests. Im looking to join the UGAS scheme and my placement will depend on how well I do in the interview. I guess my questions are what should I expect? What is more favourable in the terms of WE ME? aft...
  13. N

    Any Accelerated Apprenticeship Scheme: Marine Engineers here?

    Dear Navy Net,I am applying for the above role, are there any people already doing it that are willing to answer questions about it.E.g. Where does the training start e.g. HMS Raleigh for 10 Wks, then for the next section where?What does an AAS Marine Engineer Do? E.g. Works on a ships...
  14. CasinoAceJack


    Hello everyone.Allow me to give a brief introduction of who I am and what I'm interested in. I'm 23 years old with a brother in the forces. I'm now seriously considering a career in the Royal Navy.I'd like to apply for the role of Air Engineering Technician, but I have a few questions.-...
  15. T

    UGAS Undergraduate Apprenticeship Scheme - Marine/Weapons Engineer Submariner (MESM/WESM)

    Hi,I have applied to join the Royal Navy on the UGAS submariner engineering scheme. So far, ive passed the recruit test, interview and telephone medical interview.Assuming I pass the in-person medical (fingers crossed!) and with my fitness not being a problem, my only concern is the...
  16. B

    RFA and Welbeck

    Out of pure curiosity, are RFA engineering roles such as SEO and MEO eligible to come under Royal Navy engineering for Welbeck Defence College?
  17. T

    RFA Engineer Apprentice

    Hey guys,I've recently applied for the RFA to become an engineering apprentice. A few things I was curious about.1: How long does it typically take from applying to joining?2: Is there an interview? No mention of it on the RFA website...
  18. Slipstream

    Age limit, second chance?

    For some time I have been considering a career in the RN, within a branch of engineering (perhaps AET).Initially when I first became interested/started to apply I was 29 years old. It was then announced the age limit for engineering would be reduced to 30. This stopped me in my tracks and...
  19. D

    UGAS or University?

    Hi all! I know there are very similar threads out there on this topic but I've been torn up on deciding whether to join the Royal Navy on the Undergraduate Apprenticeship Scheme or to join a University and find a career in mechanical engineering on 'civvy street'. I am currently in my 1st year...
  20. N

    What am i to expect as an engineer apprentice.

    hi! I'm due to start my engineering apprenticeship either in September or March I have a rough idea of what my job will be. any engineers able to help me out! what can I expect from the training, what will happen after the first 18 weeks of training? how does the new pay work.I know it there's...