engineering apprenticeship

  1. M

    Not selected for SIFT

    I was told I had my sift interview at some point in March after passing my RT and was studying for this interview. And I’ve just been told that I haven’t been selected for the interview? Was the sift a process which I’m not involved in and they decided? I was under the impression that they would...
  2. Blondie2000

    Female joining RN engineering apprenticeship

    Hi - I’m completely new to the RN so I’m sorry if I sound like a newbie. I’m thinking of joining the school leaver engineering apprenticeship, not quite sure which division yet, and I’m wondering whether I’d get in. My A levels are AAA in Chemistry, Biology and Psychology (so I would be...
  3. M

    Reapplying after unsuccessful attempt

    Hi everyone. I'm new to Navy Net so go easy. I applied for the RFA Seamanship apprenticeship, unfortunately I didn't make it through the SIFT process (I found out last week, Feb 2020). My backup was for the engineering apprenticeship, would anything hold me back from applying right away. I only...