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  1. B

    Advice on ENG1 doctors - the good the bad and the ugly

    I've been reading up on the eng1 over the past few months and am finally at that stage. I've seen that some of the eng1 doctors are straightforward and others are strict.My nearest is Nottingham has anyone had theirs there and can review?Also anyone else had particularly easy or strict ones...
  2. H

    RFA Anti-Depresants

    Hello all,I am currently waiting for an update on my application for the RFA for Steward, for the ENG1 what do they look at in regards to mental health?I am on anti-depressants 20mg and have been for over a year and am in the process of coming off them. I am on a stable dosage, not had any...
  3. bobbybrown


    Hello everyone,Welcome to this forum, the Aim of this forum is to provide help to applicants going through the application/ recruitment process for the RFA as an APPRENTICE.I was in the RFA as a chef apprentice back in January 2019, I have a huge passion for the company and it’s staff and...
  4. R


    Can anyone that has passed the ENG1 and is overweight shed some light on the requirements? I’m currently 5ft7 and 17.8st down from 21st. I’m concerned I may be too overweight to pass but wanted to know if there was anyone the same or even higher that’s passed?I’m aware I may need to do a step...
  5. N

    BMI below 25?

    I have an interview in July for RFA Seaman Apprentice which, obviously, I plan to pass. If I were to take a medical the next day I'd fail though because my BMI is more than 25. Does anyone know how long the gap is between interview and medical? I can get below 25 but it'll take a while....