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    Failed Medical- Eczema

    Hello, I recently had a medical review whereby I was deemed 'medically unfit' by Capita. The reason being was down to 'eczema on hands'. Seven months ago, I had an isolated incident of a small dry patch approximately the size of a 5 pence coin on my left hand, more specifically, in the area...
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    Deemed PMU, advice?

    Hello, Just been hit with the unfortunate news that I've been deemed PMU by Capita. The situation essentially goes that I had one bout of mild dermatitis (eczema) almost 8 years ago, all I was given was some aqueous cream (basically moisturiser) and told that it should dissipate soon. It was...
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    Successful Medical Appeal: Eczema, Hyperhidrosis, Vitamin D deficiency, Shin Splints.

    Greetings all, This post is intended to serve as a rough guide. Maybe, some might find it useful. On February of 2019, I was declared medically unfit (P8) after my triage telephone call with the CAPITA nurse. The conditions for which I was declared unfit are; Eczema, Hyperhidrosis, Shin...
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    Failed medical

    Hi Apologies if this has been Q&A'd before only there are so many threads on eczema My son had his medical today. He has very mild eczema which was declared on his application. It's only noticeable by us by touch (slightly rough skin) as it's so under control. He was told today that as he's...