eczema question

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    Eczema inactive and upcoming medicals

    So, I've had eczema as a child and it was treated. Though I get little bits every now and then which don't need treating and haven't been to the GP for, for years (like over 5+ years) as a general moisturiser can fix. Nowadays its only on the top of my arm around the size of a 2 pence coin, so...
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    Eczema... again!

    Hello Rum Rationers, I'm about to start an application to join up as AET. I had a skin complaint a 18m ago where the skin on my fingers were splitting, I was referred to Derm Specialist who prescribed tablets that I didn't take because they would stop me from donating blood. I used coconut...
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    Have eczema

    Ok guy. I am verge of joining the Royal Navy as a writer.I am from the Caribbean and black so my body is accustomed to the hot climate. The problem is that I sometimes have eczema on my underarm. Do you think I should just don't tell them and get in or don't sign up because of the chickenpox...