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    Dolphins in the surface fleet

    This is a bit of a daft question but i’m gonna ask it anyway. I’ve seen often personnel in the surface fleet with dolphins. I was wondering if you were able to train for your dolphins while in GS similar to the commando training, or if these personnel are just ex-submariners?
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    Surface vs submarines

    I am a educated 20 year old ( passed with officer marks easily but don’t possess the Alevels required as I did an apprenticeship instead of college) who wants a challenging career. My main aims to achieve is high pay , longevity of career and as many promotions as possible hopefully in as quick...
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    Adding to Sultan’s LH’s Mess

    Evening all, Had an account on here for ages but not posted before, so not sure if this contravenes any rules? HMS Sultan’s Leading Hand’s and Corporal’s Mess are looking to make the mess a bit more submarine orientated as its currently full of WAFU gash, and we have nothing. Was just...