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divisional officer

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    Can I change who I have as my DO?

    Hi all,As the title says, I am wondering if it possible to change who I have as my DO. To cut a long story short there has been a complete breakdown in trust and I have no faith that they have my best interests at heart. I met with a WO1 outside of the office to raise my concerns...
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    Officer Duties and Responsibilities

    Can anybody tell me the main duties of an Officer to include their responsibilities? Or direct me somewhere I can read more on this? (not including specific roles e.g warfare, logistics etc.)I have found a lot of information on the roles of a Divisional Officer but can't find much else with...
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    Role of a divisional officer

    I had a look around but still can't find a few bits of info relating to the role of a divisional officer. I have passed AIB and am waiting for a place at Dartmouth as a warfare officer. Would I be immediately made a divisional officer when I am placed on my first ship or is this only after the...