1. R

    Medical depression

    Hi all, new here. looking for some clarification and advice on the medical side of things if anyone can be off assistance. I have carefully looked over both the online medical eligibility form and also the capita medical questionnaire Hoping to join RNR but also expecting the strong...
  2. D

    History of depression can i still join.

    Hi. Just wondering I have a history of depression, attempted suicide last January. Is there still chance in the future years to join or is that it period?
  3. potnoodle

    Mental health

    I was just wondering if you can be restricted to join if you have had mental health problems. I’ll say it as bluntly as possible as I would just like answers but last year In March I tried to overdose, and was put on antidepressants for 6 months. I’m so much better now and have no suicidal or...
  4. H

    History of depression

    Hi, I am planning to start the application process to join up but I have a few concerns over my past medical issues. About 5 years ago I lost 5 members of my family to suicide over a period of about 12 months. As you can imagine this left me with a lot of anger and other emotions. My doctor...
  5. B

    Would this be graded S8 or S2? Navy medical (JSP950)

    Seen my GP last February after my dad passed away unexpectedly and was prescribed Sertraline as treatment and attendence of a weekly stress control program. I'd say my episode was mild not that severe as it wasn't impacting my abilities for more than a week prior to seeking treatment, once I...
  6. Foxbar

    Temporarily Medically Unfit

    I recently got declared temporarily medically unfit by Capita (delightful folk...). It was due to a diagnosis of depression by a GP almost two years ago now I believe, can't remember the exact date. Never took medication, counselling, psychiatric treatment and have no recurring symptoms. In...
  7. Redderz

    Re-joining after MD

    Hey, I joined in early July 2014 and I was a part of the first Hanson Division lot. I was stonehoused on my 3rd week for damage to shins. I was in stonehouse for near enough 5 months but managed to get put back into divisions. I got to the end of week 9 in a new div and I had to leave for...