1. A

    Dental issues

    Hi i leave for basic in a week and i actaully need a tooth extraction i had an appointment but it got cancelled (woop pandemic) so if anyone has any insights into if they will remove it there or send me home it doesnt cause me any pain theres just a big hole (got punched last year an my tooth...
  2. torizis

    Joining the navy as a Medical or Dental Officer

    Hi everyone, I'm unsure as to if this is the correct place to post this, but I was wondering which was better; Medical or Dental Officer? I'm planning on joining the navy as some kind of Healthcare officer, and before I choose which course to take at university I was wondering: 1) What are the...
  3. N

    Dental Question

    hi, I am looking to join up in the next few months. The only medical worry I have is that I have a clicky jaw that comes and goes, TMD - temporomandibular disorder. Would this mean I would fail the medical? Thanks