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cryptologic technician

  1. M

    CT Training and Questions

    Hello everyone.I'm currently applying for CT. I previously passed comfortably for it in the NSRT. I recently took the new Defence Aptitude Assessment and I narrowly missed out, but I'll retake in a month with more preparation.I've got some questions that I'd appreciate anyone answering...
  2. R

    CP requirement for Cryptographic Technician

    I'm pretty sure I'm CP4 but I'm desperate to get into the warfare branch and have read conflicting pieces of information regarding the CP requirement for this specific job. Anyone know what the proper CP level is needed?Cheers
  3. M

    Joining as a Rating after university

    Hello allYou've probably heard people talk about this before and are likely sick to death of it, but I thought I'd ask.I've wanted to join the military (RAF or RN) for some time now, having long been interested in being a Pilot.I spent a year in the URNU, and recently left them (amicably)...
  4. M

    Cryptologic Technician Vs Weapons Engineer

    I'm currently looking at a few different roles, but weapons engineer and CT have sparked particular interest.I've already started an application and taken the recruitment test. I prepared well for the test, having taken the practice online, in addition to buying a book with some extra tests...
  5. I

    Crypto Technician or WS Intelligence?

    Hey everyone. I’m currently preparing to send off my RN application but am stuck between two main roles. Originally I was going to go for WS (which is a role im still keen on) however i’ve looked into both CT and WS Intelligence. I have in interest in intelligence so I was wondering if anyone...