cryptologic technician

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    Joining as a Rating after university

    Hello all You've probably heard people talk about this before and are likely sick to death of it, but I thought I'd ask. I've wanted to join the military (RAF or RN) for some time now, having long been interested in being a Pilot. I spent a year in the URNU, and recently left them (amicably)...
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    Cryptologic Technician Vs Weapons Engineer

    I'm currently looking at a few different roles, but weapons engineer and CT have sparked particular interest. I've already started an application and taken the recruitment test. I prepared well for the test, having taken the practice online, in addition to buying a book with some extra tests...
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    Crypto Technician or WS Intelligence?

    Hey everyone. I’m currently preparing to send off my RN application but am stuck between two main roles. Originally I was going to go for WS (which is a role im still keen on) however i’ve looked into both CT and WS Intelligence. I have in interest in intelligence so I was wondering if anyone...