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  1. bobbybrown

    Come for some drama :) we all like to cause some. This is for fun

    Let’s kick this off
  2. Sguaba Tuinne

    Seaman Specialist Recruit Information

    Hello all,As we all know covid restrictions has hindered the recruitment process, especially for those joining the warfare branch.As it's mainly logistics and engineering recruits at Raleigh, I created this thread for anyone who has new information (warfare) regarding those waiting for a...
  3. F

    Question about NSRT

    Hello!I've just started my Royal Navy adventure, and this is my first question I appreciate it's a bit of a silly thing to ask, but I like to be as prepared as I can. I have completed my online application today, and hopefully my next step will to be invited to do a NSRT. However, with the...
  4. E

    Impact of Coronavirus on intake.

    I’m currently in the process of joining the Royal Navy with a possible entry date for 16 Nov 2020. First of all, is there anybody else currently scheduled to attend HMS Raleigh on that date. Secondly, does anybody know whether Covid-19 has had an effect on intake &/or whether HMS Raleigh is...