1. D

    CIS (Recruitment Test)

    Hello. Me once more! I passed the interview on Monday. The recruitment test is tomorrow. I have been revising the Royal Navy Recruitment Test book by how2become. Does anybody know the rough score margin of what is needed to become a Communications Specialist. Thinking of volunteering for...
  2. D

    Communications Specialist (CIS) - Surface Fleet

    Hello again. RN Interview is tomorrow morning. I cannot find any info on what surface ships I could be assigned to. What ships could I be assigned to as a communications specialist? Thank you
  3. F

    Average Day in the CIS branch

    If somebody could go over an average Day or shift in the CIS branch for a CR1 I'd be very appreciative. If you're apart of another branch and have a spare few minutes please write what an average Day in your branch is like as I'm sure others looking to join your branch would like to see a...
  4. F

    Spelling difficulties as a coms specialist

    I've always been terrible at spelling, not dyslexic bad. But still bad. I'm due to join the communication apprenticeship course in September and would like to hear from people in the branch about if they think this will cause me many problems, or if it's even realistic to pursue.
  5. D

    Joining from Northern Ireland

    On April 29th I am due to start HMS Raleigh. Moving over from Northern Ireland, and with no family in England I am worried about bringing personal belongings over, and having places to store these until after finishing my time at HMS Raleigh. I am Joining as a Communications Technician (CT) and...
  6. T

    Apprentice Comms Application Form

    Hey guys, So I'm trying to apply as an Apprentice Comms rating but everytime I click on 'Apply' and I'm taken to the next page where you have to fill out what Service, Branch and Role, you want to do from the drop down menu, every apprenticeship is up there apart from Comms? Is it just a glitch...
  7. Sugar_Rush

    Communication Technician

    Hi all. I am currently in the process for applying for the RN at a CT. I was wondering if any one could tell me anything about their day to day role, amount of time at sea and training if possible please. And please DON'T direct me to other links with just endless natter. I’ve been looking of...
  8. sj25105815

    Ex Army, joining Navy age 36, going comms tech! Got questions

    Hello All, I am looking for advice, and have certain queries to make and thought this might be the best place for it. It might be a bit long, but its probably not an average Navy application. First, some background: I am 36, ex army, left as a Corporal of Horse (Sergeant), JTAC qualified...
  9. R

    Any other CT's in waiting? Give me a message

    Had a look at joining dates forum and no CT's have said theyre in for March 2016 yet, anyone joining as CT? Gives a message. Redbull