1. gregleeds

    Anyone recognise this rig?

    So I'm doing a bit of research for my partner. This is her grandad around the mid 40s. He looks like some sort of comms or radio operator. After the war he worked with planes. We don't have much info about him but that would maybe suggest the air force perhaps? I know it's not the best picture...
  2. T

    Apprentice Comms Application Form

    Hey guys, So I'm trying to apply as an Apprentice Comms rating but everytime I click on 'Apply' and I'm taken to the next page where you have to fill out what Service, Branch and Role, you want to do from the drop down menu, every apprenticeship is up there apart from Comms? Is it just a glitch...
  3. J

    Comms Apprentice. Second application failed during paper sift.

    I first applied for the RFA as a Comms Apprentice when I was just turning 19 and failed for a low RT score (3 maths points). I then spent the next year studying all aspects, but mainly focusing on maths so I wouldn't fail my RT the second time. After applying again last August with what I...