1. B

    RAF SNCO to Commissioned RN

    Good evening all, BLUF: Does anyone now the specifics of the when I would leave the RAF (prior/during/on completion of BRNC) if I was to successfully at the AIB when applying to join the RN as an MEO? First time posting in this forum, but have read through the invaluable knowledge and...
  2. M

    Commissioned without going to AIB?

    Anybody know anything about the WOWEAs and/or WOMEAs who got commissions without going to AIB? Faslane during the 90s I believe. Also believe that they were couldn't get promoted beyond LT.
  3. S

    Doctors on Submarines

    Hello. I'm currently considering joining the navy as a medical officer, and I'm considering joining the submarine service. I understand that the initial commission length for a MO is 6 years. If I spent those 6 on a boat, would I be able to change to surface if I renewed my commission, or would...
  4. N

    Handler/acmn to eventual UY

    Hello folks, I'm a graduate and an ex-URNU student (come on let's hear ya), but currently a training officer within the URNU organisation, teaching navigation to the kids. I tried to join straight from uni but as many do, didn't score high enough for officer selection. Truth be told it isn't...