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    Seaman specialist role on Mine Clearance ship

    Do Sea Spec serve on Mine Clearance ships or do MW spec do that role? I’m interested in joining as MW spec and just wondering if there is more to job than just Mine Clearance and general ship duties
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    Help choosing an alternative role

    So I applied to the Royal Navy at the start of the year with the hopes of becoming a mine clearance diver. I passed my aptitude test and interview stage and was told after my medical and pre-navy fitness test it could be 6-12 months before I could attend the final potential divers assessment. I...
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    Security clearance after living in China...?

    Hi, I've put in my application for Training Management Officer recently, and waiting to meet with an AFCO adviser. I returned from a 2 year stint teaching in China 21 months ago. This has led to failed security clearances for jobs in the civil service and I'm worried this is going to be a...