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clearance diver

  1. Hanginout1664

    Diver Medical

    Hi, I’m new to this forum and just looking for some guidance. I have scanned through the forums for a while now looking up the medical requirements for the Diver branch and since there hasnt been anything about them for a while was curious if there had been any changes? Specifically to the...
  2. D

    Clearance Diver Deployments

    Gents, I know this seems a bit of a daft question but how often would a RN Diver expect to deploy? I am currently serving as a SNCO in the RAF but am looking to transfer although I am aware that the branch is currently closed. The question is more for my wife, currently I deploy every 2 years...
  3. M

    mine clearance diver

    Im currently applying for the role of mine clearance diver, the waiting list correct as of today is till 2021, which the AFCO told me they received on the friday just gone. I have booked in for my PADI open water course, starting in 2 weeks to try get as much dive experience as possible before...
  4. J

    MCD or ME

    I'm currently a few months into my navy application as an MCD, I have passed my psych test, eye test & medical. I had my selection interview at my local AFCO yesterday morning with my careers adviser, he told me he would give me a 'partial pass' meaning he would not give me a date for my PJFT...
  5. T

    Joint as a Royal Navy Clarence Diver

    Okay so first off, the I want to say I can swim and run and all that mullaa I just want to know what you do during the divers training and how long you have to wait till you get on the training ground for it. I'm currently in royal marine training ground but will be going to the divers soon...
  6. S

    Day to day life for a Clearance Diver?

    After looking back at other CD-related posts, I'm still wondering about some general day-to-day details for a diver in the Navy. I'm interested in what a Clearance Diver's usual day is like - on-board whilst deployed, mainly. I know the military-side of tasks, but the 'boring' part remains a...