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  1. D

    Communications Specialist (CIS)

    Hello. I have already submitted the application. Awaiting the date for the naval test. I am looking to join the Royal Navy as a Communications Specialist (CIS) (...
  2. P

    Looking for Insight into CIS and WSI

    As the title says, I'm not sure what role I want to go into. I went through the role finder and found Aircrewman, the highest I've been off the ground is about 300ft in a building so, I'm not sure I'm cut out for it, I just don't know. On the RN site I've whittled it down to CIS or Warfare...
  3. F

    Average Day in the CIS branch

    If somebody could go over an average Day or shift in the CIS branch for a CR1 I'd be very appreciative. If you're apart of another branch and have a spare few minutes please write what an average Day in your branch is like as I'm sure others looking to join your branch would like to see a...
  4. McHarp

    Female submariner entry

    Hello all - first post going up as I've been reading and researching discussions on here for a fair bit of time and haven't found an exact answer to my question (I've seen plenty of "have you tried using the search bar?" And I didn't want to be another one of those). I've been a reservist almost...
  5. A

    CIS Update - Is This Accurate?

    Hi there. I went to the London AFCO today, to ask about joining as a CIS. Now, before anyone says anything, I've read absolutely every thread I could find about CIS on this forum, so I'm well-prepared in my view. Thus this post. Because when I went to have a chat about it, I was told that...