1. Kirkmania

    Shipmates (2005) TV Series

    Shipmates (2005). A definitive portrait of the men and women of the Royal Navy – at sea and ashore. This landmark documentary series focuses on the men and women of the Royal Navy and their ever-changing role in the modern world. From arcane below-deck rituals to quick-response tsunami relief...
  2. K

    Check out 2020 Aerial Promo for the Chatham Dockyard!

    Aerial promo for Historic Dockyard Chatham
  3. Repulse

    HMS Kestrel Crew

    Hi folks. Long time, no post! I have recently found another photo of my grandfather, Charles Howe (joined the RN in 1911 at HMS Pembroke) who is (standing, right) in this photo... I am curious to know what the uniform is that the man sitting down is wearing. Any contribution gratefully...
  4. E

    Walk down to HMS PEMBROKE, Chatham

    Hi folks Whilst staying at Broadstairs, thought I'd visit Chatham to see the old HMS PEMBROKE training establishment for the first time since '68/'69...... Cheers, Mike
  5. Seaweed

    The Dutch in the Medway by PG Rogers

    'A dishonour never to be wiped off' - John Evelyn, 28 June 1667 In 1967 I spent a week in the Dutch destroyer Limburg. Contrary to RN practice, the Dutch officers each had a particular place at their wardroom table. The one assigned to me meant that I had to eat all my meals for a week looking...