1. C

    Aircraft Controller FAA and such

    Hi all! I’ve applied to be an aircraft controller, passed my exam and I’m waiting for an interview... I’ve always had an interest in aviation but didn’t want to go into the RAF Much prefer to be at sea than sat in Cyprus... just wanted to see how the role progresses, I can’t see me being put...
  2. rebbonk

    The Carrier - Mattias Berg (To be published 23 May 2019)

    I’ll start with a quote from the accompanying blurb, “A successful hybrid of a novel of ideas, historical depiction and the popular science thriller genre…” and in my opinion this mix fails. It fails spectacularly, it just doesn’t work. This is compounded by the fact that the book is a...
  3. NotNickCarter


    Anyone up for helping out? Mission: To continue the life of HMS Hermes /INS Viraat in a way that inspires future generations and bestows pride in those who served in her. This funding will assist in the founding costs of the return of the...