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  1. jrdmd

    Career Discussion

    Hello all, I have my career discussion this week and I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on some points I was told to prepare for. One of them is "your thoughts on moral courage", does this mean i will have give an example of a time which i have shown moral courage or something...
  2. D

    Marine Engineer Specialisation

    Hi all, I have a fair idea of the training pipeline for a marine engineer (submariner) up to the point of the first competent job, but from there everything becomes a little obscure. What scope is there for 'specialisation'? Do each of the engineers train to become specialists in a particular...
  3. W

    Up-to-date General Entry Officer Training Pipeline

    Hi everyone. I'm currently preparing for my SIFT interview (although, it appears to be called a Career Discussion now). Can anyone assist with a detailed chronology of the training pipeline (Post AIB) for an RNR Young Officer? I am aware there have been changes over the years. Having spent...