1. Avocadolol


    Who the heck are capita and what do they do? I know it’s something medical but not fully sure!
  2. B

    Medical exam cancelled

    Hi, I’m currently applying to become a royal marine officer and was scheduled to have my face to face medical exam this Thursday (20/06/19). It’s been cancelled by Capita and pushed back over 2 weeks. I was just wondering if someone could tell me if this is normal or if it’s likely to be due...
  3. C

    Potential PMU

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  4. F


    Does anyone know if Capita have moved offices? My GP sent medical notes as requested by Capita last week (Thursday) only for me to get a call from the practice to say that the letter had been returned to them because the addressee was no longer at the Coventry address. It was the address on the...
  5. J

    Capita Triage Call and what best to do now?

    Hello, So I have had my Capita Triage call and they are contacting my GP for information regarding 'Low Mood' around Novmeber 2015. They have stated that if the incident is just November 2015 it is a straight pass however if the problem is a bit more extended e.g January, will this just be a...
  6. H

    Prescription med's and medically unfit!

    hey, so I recently passed the psychometric exam for AET, and the following interview with flying colours. However I just had my CAPITA phone call and have been made "Medically unfit" doesn't say TMU or PMU so not sure which one(?) Anyone have any info on what happens if you're still on...
  7. L

    Royal Navy medical appeal

    Hi there, Roughly two years ago I signed up with the Royal Navy, I went on to complete my pre joining tests. When it came to my medical, it was put on hold as they needed to decide weather they could pass me fit due to an injury I had acquired at around 14 years of age. I had a tiny, hairline...
  8. S

    Medical Appeal

    After a long medical process I was referred to the senior medical officer for a bout of hair pulling when I was a teenager and some weeks later pronounced PMU for 'a prolonged anxiety related episode during [my] mid teens'. I am planning to appeal it, on the grounds that I believe the hair...
  9. S

    Medical review-Hearing

    Hi all I am currently being held up at the medical stage after being made TMU a second time for my hearing, on my medical the doctor did mention a slight hearing loss, but didnt bring it up for further investigation, after my first paper review it was brought up that I show over 45db...
  10. Jockyfisher

    Medical Records are Missing

    Afternoon all, Currently am applying as an officer I have filled out my initial questionnaire, had the phone medical and was then TMU'd for acne and told to come back in another 6 weeks, however when I went to my GP to get treatment I was informed that my medical records have still not been...
  11. L

    Medical Waiting Times...

    Hi all, a very good evening to you. So I recently completed my peak flow diary which I did for 30 days(Ended 15th December) I posted it back to Capita the very next day. I also had a letter from my doctors to say they would be sending my medical records off to Capita today 22nd December...
  12. P

    PMU, without even a face-to-face medical

    Any idea where to go from here? I waited months only to hear back that I am permanently medically unfit without ever having been assessed by a Capita doctor in person. Is this normal? Already passed my fitness, eye test, and security clearance.
  13. DontDrown

    TMU "Old War Story" Usual Boring Queries; but any advice most welcome!

    Simple question: last week after my telephone interview with the CAPITA Triage Nurse, I received my automated standard email advising that due to several historical medical 'queries' (e.g. issues such as having an operation on a leg vein when I was fifteen) that I had flagged within my written...
  14. S

    28 day peak flow

    Morning all My son went for his medical yesterday( 2nd one as was deferred in Nov due to 4 year asthma clear rule) We provided a test form the DR showing normal lung function but the Dr refused to take it as it was not on Capita paperwork. Our issue is he hopes to join the RM Band and they...
  15. J

    Perminatly medically unfit

    I received a letter off Capita saying that I was Perminantly Medically Unfit. The reason they gave me is 'your medical history of asthma with use of inhaler and oral steroids for wheeze in 2015 and significant level of varibility seen on your Peak Flow Diary reacordings means that you fail to...
  16. B

    Will migraines 7 years ago preclude my entry??

    Okay so I'm getting a little worried. I'm applying for the role of pilot, I had my medical back in July and everything was physically fine with me but I (stupidly) told Capita that I had migraines when I was about 10. Also I broke my wrist in 2008. Anyway here's the deal, after countless visits...