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  1. spacedog0658

    Applying for a Medical Officer Cadetship while doing graduate-entry medicine?

    Hi all,I'm hoping to study medical sciences (not medicine itself) at uni next September, and then thinking about a 4 year graduate-entry medical degree afterward. Does anyone know whether I could apply for the cadetship while doing this, or if it's only for the straight-up 5/6-year medicine...
  2. B

    2022 RFA ETO Cadetship Application: My experience

    Hoping this may be of use to new applicants like myself. I just wanted to summarise how the application process has been for me.I applied in August 2022 for an ETO Cadetship. Initial contact was pretty quick and I was invited to do the Defence Aptitude Assessment within a week. I spent a week...
  3. D

    Information on RFA Cadet Officer (Deck) course

    Hi all,I've recently been looking into joining and the RFA Cadet Officer (Deck) role has caught my interest. I was hoping to ask a few questions and receive a few answers to gain some more insight. I have found some previous threads from several years ago which ask similar questions but would...
  4. G

    SE RTO options?

    Hi everyone, my application for SE cadetship was rejected due to not having a full maths A Level. Is it possible to join as an engineer apprentice, with intention of LH SE then RTO. Is this a plausible route for SE? I think it would be of benefit going in as a rating first to get a good...
  5. C

    Joining as Deck Officer Cadet

    I've applied for the position of Deck Officer Cadet and have my Sift interview on the 14th of September. I'd greatly appreciate any advice on things to expect + any useful links to learn more of the RFA. I'd also appreciate anything about the AIB, which I will hopefully get to!
  6. S

    RNR, RMR or URNU?

    Hello.I'm currently considering a career as a medical officer in the navy, and I'm exploring options for what to do during uni. I'm trying to choose between the RNR, RMR, and (if I get the offer from a university that has one) a URNU.I'm interested in joining as a medical officer, and...