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  1. C

    UCAS Points, The Lack Thereof

    Hi NavyNet, First post and, hopefully, not my last. I'm currently in the process of applying to join the RNR as a Logs officer. One problem I have encountered is the number of UCAS points required. I did not do well at school at all and, frankly, during my A-Levels, nothing could have...
  2. T

    Full Observer Training Pipeline

    Hi there, I have my Navy SIFT interview in just over a week, so have been researching the Royal Navy and all of the current deployments/equipment. However, while I nearly fully understand the training given at BRNC, the information out there regarding training afterwards is very conflicting. I...
  3. Bill6001

    Army Reservist transfer to Royal Navy Officer

    Hi guys! Quick question for anyone in the know, I am a CPL in the reserves and am hopefully going to BRNC shortly. Does anyone know if this is a "transfer" or do I technically leave the TA then join the RN? Also as I have some rank and a little experience would I receive any other benefits...
  4. MenInSlacks

    RNR General Entry Officer

    Hi all this might be a long one, After some help on another thread I have cemented my desire to become an RNR officer (never any real doubt just some concerns about travel expenses) while studying at university with the hopes of going full time when I graduate. I was just wondering if anyone...
  5. X

    Chaplain Training

    Hello, As stated in the title I am looking for information about chaplain training, I understand you go to BRNC but how long is this for and what do you do. Thanks in advance for any information.
  6. B

    Senior Upper Yardsmen (SUY) Course 2016

    I am on the staff at BRNC and the DO for the SUY Course. I have created this thread for those attending BRNC in the near future as an additional comms stream. Full Joining instructions are available under the SUY link in the Training Departments Section BRNC homepage which can be accessed...