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    Hello all, I am looking for some support and advice regarding joining the Royal Navy. I'm currently studying for an MSc in Criminology and was only just made aware of the URNU when I searched the groups and societies page at my university. I was incredibly exciting to put myself out there and...
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    Body Mass Index too low - BRNC January 2017

    Hi everyone, I am commencing my Initial Officer Training at BRNC on the 2nd January 2017. I have one concern. I am a keen runner, 21 year old female, 175cm tall, with a weight of 50.7kg. This puts me on the BMI scale at 16.5. My healthy weight range according to NHS BMI calculator is 56.7kg...
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    BMI below 25?

    I have an interview in July for RFA Seaman Apprentice which, obviously, I plan to pass. If I were to take a medical the next day I'd fail though because my BMI is more than 25. Does anyone know how long the gap is between interview and medical? I can get below 25 but it'll take a while....