1. Seaweed

    Battleship Warspite by Robert Brown

    This is a technical (as opposed to operational) history of one of our most famous battleships, brought to us via the actual drawings used in the construction of the ship and the addition of her armament. It is grouped by the principal epochs of her life - initial construction; modernisation in...
  2. Seaweed

    Battleships of the World (1820-1945) by John Fidler

    140 pages is not a lot for an account of the development of the battleship, particularly as about half the content is illustrations – but these are not to be grudged, as they are excellently selected and informative. Indeed they are the redeeming feature of this short work, bringing to us many...
  3. Seaweed

    British Warship Recognition Vol.I by Richard Perkins

    This is one of the most remarkable books to come my way for a long time. It is the first of eight volumes of facsimiles of elegant water-coloured line drawings of British naval vessels from Victorian times to 1939. Each is annotated in manuscript and is often adumbrated with sketches of various...