basic training

  1. L

    HMS Raleigh 30th May 2022

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone is starting Raleigh on the 30th May 2022?
  2. JWhite1805

    HMS Raleigh Week By Week 2021 Autumn

    I thought I'd make a post detailing the week by week of INT(R), because its daunting enough going in, its even worse going in blind. I've had to bastardize a few bits because I was only on a 9-week course, instead of the usual 10 (No idea why), I know there's a few already on this site, but...
  3. D


    At HMS Raleigh Are you only permitted to use manual/wet shavers or are electric shavers permitted?
  4. A

    Dental issues

    Hi i leave for basic in a week and i actaully need a tooth extraction i had an appointment but it got cancelled (woop pandemic) so if anyone has any insights into if they will remove it there or send me home it doesnt cause me any pain theres just a big hole (got punched last year an my tooth...
  5. Ryan Lowe

    Seamanship Apprenticeship Training

    I have read the available threads but was wondering if the training had changed, as I understand it - 10 weeks Raleigh basic training - 1st sea phase - leave -4 weeks Raleigh -2nd sea phase -gain MCA efficient deck hand + MCA basic safety training but unsure as to what happens next as I...
  6. I

    Warfare Specialist

    Hi there. I plan on joining the Royal Navy as a Warfare Specialist this year. I was wondering if anyone can clarify if you are able to choose your sub-spec ie(AWW/AWT/EW/UW) before your second stage of training? I’ve heard people saying you can order them in preference but also heard people say...
  7. D

    RFA training

    I am 3/4 of the way through my application to join the RFA as a seaman apprentice and I would like know more about the 10 weeks training and what goes on eg routine, fitness (both tests or if I can go to the gym), classroom work, hands on work, parades and passing out
  8. S

    Will summer leave alter Raleigh

    Hi all, I’ve been given a start date for Raleigh ( 8/06/20 ). I know that you are given 2 weeks leave over the summer period and I was just wondering when if anyone knows what date this falls on? I’m just curious as to how much longer Raleigh will be for myself and if I could potentially plan...
  9. C

    Medical Assessment at Raleigh

    Hello, I am scheduled to start basic training sometime soon and I am a bit worried as to the medical you do on your first few days at Raleigh. I failed my first medical Assessment due to microscopic haematuria but was cleared by my doctor about two months back as all my organs are in perfect...
  10. S

    Is HMS Raleigh like the Channel 4 programme makes it out to be?

    A few years ago there was a programme on channel 4 about basic training at Raleigh and I was wondering if it was accurate or edited to look a certain way to make it more entertaining for the public
  11. S

    Transport to Raleigh?

    How do you get to HMS Raleigh when you start basic training? Do you have to catch the train or can you drive down as I have family in Cornwall that can take my car? Sorry if it’s a tad daft
  12. L

    cleaning combat boots

    hi all Im wondering how to clean my combat boots, I've been wearing them in but I don't know how to clean them properly. do I buff the combat boots with water and black polish or do I just use the 2 brushes(on and off) or maybe both thanks all hope to hear from you
  13. R

    HMS Raleigh

    I've just started the recruitment process and wondered what the daily routine in HMS Raleigh is like, such as waking up and going to bed? My current job has got me doing all sorts of weird hours and I just wanted to better prepare myself before I start.
  14. J

    Watch Recommendations

    Can I get any recommendations on watches to buy for HMS Raleigh, basic training please? Thank you.
  15. J

    Need answers! :/

    Hi I'm just about to go to Raleigh in a few weeks and need the following questions answered: 1) Are showers at HMS Raleigh private? 2) Do you get ANY leave for the duration of your Phase 1 training? 3) How many persons in one dorm? Any answers would be hugely appreciated! Thanks.
  16. Subadubdub

    Travelling from Glasgow to Raleigh

    Hey all, I'm just waiting on word now from my AFCO on a start date having bossed the PJFT yesterday. I have had a look around, used the search and I've been reading thread upon thread here now for about two months, although I've just joined as a member today - first thread - apologies in...
  17. Genghis

    PAYD during Basic training

    Hi everyone! I've had a root around on here and can only find info about Phase 2 PAYD. Can anyone provide information about if recruits are PAYD during our lovely 10 week stay at HMS Raleigh? I would like to know for budgeting reasons, I need to "adult" (sadface). Cheers!
  18. M

    Weight Loss

    hey all, currently at basic and wanting to lose weight but it's hard when all the food is so shit here, does anyone have any tips or is it something I should look to do in phase two? IMF helps but it isn't enough on its own for me to lose the weight I want to.
  19. B

    Basic training

    hello I have got a few queries;do I need to take socks to basic training or are socks provided? It's just that they aren't on the kit list? Any help much appreciated