1. Heyo91

    Car Chargers

    Hi all, I'm looking at getting a Plug in hybrid for my next car and I was wondering how bases are with charging points in the car parks. I didn't see any whilst I was at Drake but I also wasn't looking for them.
  2. D


    Hello. So i joined up as an AET and just done my prnc. I met a Chief petty officer than that is also an aet. He said he worked in vegas and florida for a couple of years as an aet. Why is that? Do you get drafted to us or other countires as aet's? Do i get to pick where i am based at or working...
  3. R

    Assignment of base

    I’m currently in my application process and working towards my eventual passing out, but something I can’t seem to find an answer to is where I’ll be based when I come back from deployments (obviously later on in my career when I am qualified to deploy). Will this be the location I have been...
  4. N

    Phase 2

    Currently just started my phase 2 as a SC logi do I get to pick my next Base when I pass out of phase 2? I want to go to Faslane!!