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    Joining with hay-fever.

    Alright guys. Just looking for some advice. So when I was a kid I had mild asthma blue and brown inhalers that sort of stuff. Its never affected me majorly I've never has asthma attacks nothing like that but hay-fever sometimes makes it flare up a little. Its not a major concern to me but I'm...
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    Can I join the Royal Marines?

    Hi, I’m 17 years old and I’ve been wanting to join the Royal Marines for about 5 years. The problem is 2 years ago I had breathing problems for about a week. I went to the doctors and they gave me an asthma inhaler. The inhaler had no efffect in improving my breathing and I soon realised that it...
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    Aircrew Roles and Asthma

    I've been told that I'm barred from RAF Aircrew Roles (ie. WSOP) due to having minor asthma as a child which I have long grown out of and have been going on without symptoms and medication for years. I was wondering whether this also applies for aircrew roles in the Fleet Air Arm? Many thanks to...