army to navy

  1. S

    discharge Temperamentally unsuitable rejoin?

    Hi everyone I’m currently serving in the British army and I’ve made I clear I wished to join the navy as I was unhappy in the army now there TU-Ing me temperamentally unsuitable in the army it’s honourable and I’ve had good conduct through out my army career can I rejoin the navy as soon as I’m...
  2. S

    Transfer from Army to Navy

    Hi everyone I’m requesting a transfer from the Army to Navy. Can anyone let me know of the process? How long roughly it takes? Do I have to do the swim test having passed one with the army? Will I have to do medicals as I have just had one saying I’m fully deployable and medically fit? I’m also...
  3. Armouredcav18

    British Army to Royal Navy transfer

    Hi all! I know there's been a few posts like this in the past, however just wanted to the most gen possible before showing my cards to my hierarchy for them to give me the finger. served 6 years in the household cavalry as a recconiscance soldier been a lcpl for 2yrs, Looking to pick up my...