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  1. bobbybrown


    Hello people,I called RFA HQ today and asked for an update on my and my friends application SIFT.SIFT is currently underway for a few apprenticeships and results are being sent out within a week.COVID: Check your Royal Navy Portal as results will be on there also.Just thought I’d share...
  2. crash_evans

    Royal Navy Accelerated Apprentice (AA) Scheme Pipelines (AE/ME/WE)

    Please see below the training pipeline for the below Accelerated Apprentice Schemes. All questions should be directed first to your AFCO and this information is correct as of today and maybe subject to change.ACCELERATED APPRENTICE (AA) AE SCHEME PIPELINEThe aim of the AA AE scheme is to...
  3. T

    Apprentice Comms Application Form

    Hey guys, So I'm trying to apply as an Apprentice Comms rating but everytime I click on 'Apply' and I'm taken to the next page where you have to fill out what Service, Branch and Role, you want to do from the drop down menu, every apprenticeship is up there apart from Comms? Is it just a glitch...
  4. C

    Accelerated Apprenticeship Training

    Hi there,I'm new to this forum and was wondering if someone would be able to provide some information regarding the training pipeline for an Accelerated Apprenticeship in Air Engineering as the information shown on the Royal Navy website does not go into much detail. I would like to know...
  5. T

    RFA Engineer Apprentice

    Hey guys,I've recently applied for the RFA to become an engineering apprentice. A few things I was curious about.1: How long does it typically take from applying to joining?2: Is there an interview? No mention of it on the RFA website...
  6. N

    What am i to expect as an engineer apprentice.

    hi! I'm due to start my engineering apprenticeship either in September or March I have a rough idea of what my job will be. any engineers able to help me out! what can I expect from the training, what will happen after the first 18 weeks of training? how does the new pay work.I know it there's...
  7. S

    What to bring..?

    'Bed linen is provided, however all other items of personal kit, including towels, will need to be brought with you.'However, it doesn't fully specify what I actually need to bring with me, such as a kit list, of such and so I'm a bit unsure of what to actually take with me.Can anyone help...
  8. N

    BMI below 25?

    I have an interview in July for RFA Seaman Apprentice which, obviously, I plan to pass. If I were to take a medical the next day I'd fail though because my BMI is more than 25. Does anyone know how long the gap is between interview and medical? I can get below 25 but it'll take a while....
  9. S

    Apprentice Chef Interview

    I have my interview for the Chef's apprenticeship on Tuesday, and if I'm perfectly honest, I'm nervous as hell. Does anyone have any pointers or could let me know the general gist of the questions that are asked etc?