1. R


    Hello, I have put my application in for the RN and bit worried about the fact that I had be prescribed a Inhaler for chest infections (four times to be exact) but i have never had asthma or anything symptoms and I have asked my GP if there was anything on record and they said it was only down...
  2. A

    Am I banned from joining the navy?

    Hi, I'm looking to join the navy as an adult nurse when I finish my degree in 2021. Unfortunately when I was 15 I experienced some mental health issues and I tried to commit suicide twice. From what I've read I understand this probably denies me entry to the forces, I was just looking for any...
  3. T

    Advice on officer or rating please

    Hello, I am in a bit of a dilemma and am looking for some advice. I have read previous threads (which has been helpful), however I don't think there are any recent posts with the same situation as me. My background is as a physiotherapist so I have a degree from that. I applied in 2018 as a...
  4. T

    Application Cooldown

    Afternoon all, I originally applied to join the Royal Navy as a Warfare Officer about 2 years ago, when I put in a joint application to the RN and the RAF (as a Pilot). I "failed" the medical on my hearing, which was at the level required for Pilot in the RAF, and never appealed as I started a...
  5. L


    Hi all, Sent my application off on Wednesday. Just wandering if anyone has any idea of current time scales e.g how long until I get a phone call? How long until interview/medical etc? And a rough idea of start date if I'm successful? I've gone warfare and hoping to get into comms. Cheers!
  6. T

    Waiting Times

    I filled in the details on the website for a Medical Assistant, and received the email saying about how 'Your journey starts here' and 'You’ve chosen a Royal Navy role..' which sort of made me expect a follow up email with the application form but it's been about a week-ish and I haven't heard...
  7. Y

    Being available during application

    Hello I intend to apply to the Royal Navy, however, in 5 weeks time I will be abroad for a little under 2 months. Would it be a good idea to wait until I return to begin my application or get it started ASAP? Thank you.
  8. ws1602

    2018 Application - Step by Step

    Hello, so I have recently started my application for Warfare Specialist in the Navy. I thought that I would try, to my best ability, and document each step and give as much advice as possible. I know that there is advice out there for individual sections but I plan to compile all onto this one...
  9. M

    Clearing up medical history

    hello, I might have a few problems or at least things that would cause concern in my medical history, quite a few years ago probably 4 or 5 years I was young and became sad and introverted because I was having a bad time at school and a bad time at home so my mother wanted me to see a GP, the...
  10. J

    Temporarily Medically Unfit. Help!

    Hello, I have applied to join the Royal Navy as an Air crewman. All was going well until today when i had my medical with CAPITA. The doctor has indicated I may have a heart murmur. This is the first time this has come up in my life, I had never been told this before. I have an appointment with...
  11. PaulieGualtieri

    Father in prison, will this affect my application?

    Hi guys, I'm 17 and in the middle of my application process (Passed psychometric test awaiting medical) but I can't help but worry about the selection interview, particularly the 'What does dad do?' question. Basically my dad is currently serving 9 years in prison for GBH, he's never been to...
  12. S

    Changing my application?

    So I've just sent off an appeal for my medical. I'm trying not to get too excited, but I'm hopeful. However, because the process has so far taken over a year to sort out, my circumstances have changed slightly and I need to think about my future. I know I want to go into the navy if my appeal...
  13. D


  14. sj25105815

    Ex Army, joining Navy age 36, going comms tech! Got questions

    Hello All, I am looking for advice, and have certain queries to make and thought this might be the best place for it. It might be a bit long, but its probably not an average Navy application. First, some background: I am 36, ex army, left as a Corporal of Horse (Sergeant), JTAC qualified...
  15. J

    Could I Delay My Entry Date To Finish Uni?

    Hi, Im currently studying at university and am midway through my first year, I've already applied to RN and have my RT coming up soon. Since applying for RN, I've changed my course so I won't be doing a placement year (2 years to go now, not 3), however I would still like to finish university...
  16. K

    Appealing the medical

    Hi there, I received a letter from the navy yesterday to say they regret to inform me that my application has been rejected. This is on the grounds that I had an MRI scan on my ankle in May which showed to have a thinned ligament (nothing serious, the doc offered physio but advised me not to...
  17. T

    Waiting to hear back from capita - anyone else?

    Hi - just seeing if this is normal wait time. My 16 yr old son had his telephone call from the triage nurse from capita one month ago and he thinks she told him that he would get an email asking him to go for a medical within a couple of weeks as the only thing on his questionnaire was a...
  18. DontDrown

    TMU "Old War Story" Usual Boring Queries; but any advice most welcome!

    Simple question: last week after my telephone interview with the CAPITA Triage Nurse, I received my automated standard email advising that due to several historical medical 'queries' (e.g. issues such as having an operation on a leg vein when I was fifteen) that I had flagged within my written...
  19. C

    Joining the RFA

    Hi I'm in the process of my application for a systems engineering cadet with the RFA. I have a few questions that my local AFCO cant answer! 1. How long is the application process? I sat the RT last week and have confirmation I have passed that, what happens next and how long from here? 2. I...
  20. V

    Royal Navy medical concerns, bankark shoulder repair

    Hello all, firstly, I really like the forum and hope I am posting correctly. Brief bit of history, I was a volunteer police officer in civvie life (specials) and whilst at my day job, I damaged my shoulder, I tore the Labrum. Subsequently had repair surgery in January 2014. Upon application to...