application process

  1. T

    Waiting Times

    I filled in the details on the website for a Medical Assistant, and received the email saying about how 'Your journey starts here' and 'You’ve chosen a Royal Navy role..' which sort of made me expect a follow up email with the application form but it's been about a week-ish and I haven't heard...
  2. Y

    Being available during application

    Hello I intend to apply to the Royal Navy, however, in 5 weeks time I will be abroad for a little under 2 months. Would it be a good idea to wait until I return to begin my application or get it started ASAP? Thank you.
  3. ws1602

    2018 Application - Step by Step

    Hello, so I have recently started my application for Warfare Specialist in the Navy. I thought that I would try, to my best ability, and document each step and give as much advice as possible. I know that there is advice out there for individual sections but I plan to compile all onto this one...