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    Application advice?

    Hi guys, I’m currently in my first year of sixth form and looking to apply to the Royal Navy as a Warfare Officer for when I leave school. I’ve tried to find some guidance on the best time to apply, potentially looking for a Sep 22 intake, but couldn’t really find much - the AFCO couldn’t...
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    Hi guys. So I applied for an apprenticeship for the second time and got rejected again. The first time I believe my application was just a bit shit (deck hand). The second time (engineering apprentice) I had multiple people proof read it and it was pretty damn good. I'm trying to not get...
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    Need help

    I have been given a date for my psychometric test to be a chef apprenticeship with the RFA. Yay!! I applied for it at the beginning of August. ! Sept 1st is when the test is. I am very nervous because I have dyslexia. I'm scared if I ask for help. I know everyone can be super nice about it. But...
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    GP medical paperwork delays

    Hi, I have reached the medical stage of my application and am currently waiting on my GP to send the paperwork requested back to Capita Defence. Before starting my Royal Navy application I recently (about 2 months ago) switched from my university GP to my local home GP. When I called my home GP...
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    How tough is the competition to become a chef apprentice

    My son is applying to become a apprentice chef after he finishes his GCSE's we were wondering how tough the competition is (how many spaces available etc) he's had a tough time with school and is unlikely to achieve many if any GCSE's but he has relevant work experience. Would that be enough or...
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    Studied law - hated it, now want to pursue a career in engineering with the navy

    Hi everyone. I'm currently preparing to put my application in for either the accelerated apprenticeship scheme, or the undergraduate apprenticeship scheme to do engineering with the Navy (im currently undecided which area but I'm leaning towards avionics at the moment). My background is, I...