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  1. SeaNymph


  2. U

    Appeal Evidence

    Greetings. I have an upcoming triage call with capita. Despite believing I fall under the requirements for jsp950 regarding spinal fractures I fully expect them to make me PMU considering what I've read about their reputation.When I submit an appeal, would it be okay to submit a note from my...
  3. K

    Deemed PMU, advice?

    Hello,Just been hit with the unfortunate news that I've been deemed PMU by Capita. The situation essentially goes that I had one bout of mild dermatitis (eczema) almost 8 years ago, all I was given was some aqueous cream (basically moisturiser) and told that it should dissipate soon. It was...
  4. F

    Failed medical and Appeal.

    hi, I’m a 18 year old female who is looking to join the Navy as a Marine Engineering Technician. I’ve reached the stage of the triage nurse phone call, the start went brilliant although then went downhill.I had been open on past self harm on my medical forms although I had only done this once...
  5. JRA

    Medical Appeal - Knee Crepitus and Acne Treatment

    Hello all,Applicant for Warfare Officer here. I had my triage phone call with a nurse from CAPITA this morning, and was informed that I've been deemed medically unfit for two reasons:- Mild knee pain (which only occurred once after a long run in September)- Currently...
  6. L

    Royal Navy medical appeal

    Hi there,Roughly two years ago I signed up with the Royal Navy, I went on to complete my pre joining tests. When it came to my medical, it was put on hold as they needed to decide weather they could pass me fit due to an injury I had acquired at around 14 years of age. I had a tiny, hairline...
  7. S

    Medical Appeal

    After a long medical process I was referred to the senior medical officer for a bout of hair pulling when I was a teenager and some weeks later pronounced PMU for 'a prolonged anxiety related episode during [my] mid teens'. I am planning to appeal it, on the grounds that I believe the hair...
  8. MrTee147

    Appealing A PMU

    I have just received news that I am PMU due to having a metal plate in my wrist. I have had it for 10 years and have had no problems at all with it since it was put in.I am considering an appeal and am wondering if there is anyone out there who knows of any successful or unsuccessful appeals...
  9. norbastard90s

    PMU'd. Need cover letter advice

    Hi all,I had my RN medical yesterday (X(S/M)) and at the end was told I am Permanently Medically Unfit due to an incident of back pain I had caused by an incident at work in late December '14.The reasoning the examining doctor gave was because the back pain lasted for up to three months...
  10. J

    Perminatly medically unfit

    I received a letter off Capita saying that I was Perminantly Medically Unfit. The reason they gave me is 'your medical history of asthma with use of inhaler and oral steroids for wheeze in 2015 and significant level of varibility seen on your Peak Flow Diary reacordings means that you fail to...