1. A

    WS to Aircrewman

    Hello, I’m aware there is many threads about the topic of Aircrewman, the waiting lists and so fourth, I hope you guys can help with my questions. So I am currently in the recruitment process to join as WS, though Aircrewman was my first choice though it was not currently getting recruited for...
  2. J

    Merlin or wildcat?

    So I'm in the process of joining th FAA as an aircrewman. I've read on the royal navy website and the pdf files that they provide and it says that aircrewman, unlike pilots or observers, can only serve on merlin helicopters (either HCF or ASW). However, I have been in contact with an aircrewman...
  3. D

    Failed at Selection Interview - Looking for advice going forwards

    Hi All, On Monday (26th) I had my Officer Selection Interview (pre-AIB) by telephone. I felt the interview went well however the WO informed me that I had only just missed out on a passing mark. He told my that my knowledge was excellent, however I missed out on leadership experience (I had no...
  4. M

    Flight Aptitude Test advice - Aircrewman

    Hi all, I am soon to be taking my FATs for Aircrewman and I’ve read all the posts on here to death but thought I’d try and get some more recent info if anybody has experienced the dreaded FATs recently? Or is soon to! I’ve been brushing up on my SDT and mental arithmetic. Can anyone give me an...
  5. M

    Direct entry Aircrewman

    Hi, I am booked in for my FATs in a couple of months and have a question! I understand Aircrew (pilot/obs) must pass AIB and I keep hearing about Aircrew ‘selection’ based on their AIB score and how competitive their FATs score. My question, as I am applying as Aircrewman, not Aircrew, and I...
  6. Pingerson

    1970's FAA Aircrew Arctic Survival Training Film

    Does anybody remember seeing an RN Film Unit Arctic Survival Training Film made in Norway in the 1970's that as far as I can remember was themed around a crashed Wessex 5 in a remote location and deep snow? I seem to recall either 3 or 4 crew members then having to survive on their own for...
  7. J

    Temporarily Medically Unfit. Help!

    Hello, I have applied to join the Royal Navy as an Air crewman. All was going well until today when i had my medical with CAPITA. The doctor has indicated I may have a heart murmur. This is the first time this has come up in my life, I had never been told this before. I have an appointment with...
  8. Lumberjack

    Being a reg and getting a degree

    Hi I recently failed my pilot recruit test and now thinking of going aircrewman. I want to get a degree in the future in Contemporary military and international history. What's the possibilities of getting the degree while in, also what's the likelihood of being able to go officer after going...
  9. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Lewis Hamilton surprises soldiers, sailors and airmen on board HMS Middleton

    British F1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton was given a guided tour of HMS Middleton at its current base in Bahrain last month. Read more here
  10. Mark Dip

    FAA Warfare ASW Aircrewman Q and A.

    If you have any questions on the ASW Aircrewman branch please post them here. I can't guarantee that we will be able to answer all questions but we'll certainly attempt to. Please use all the usual resources available first, but we appreciate not all the answers are out there on...
  11. T

    History Of The Aircrew Branch

    Myself, and some other Aircrewman have been tasked with putting together a presentation on "the history of the Aircrewman branch" After many hours of searching, and a trip down to the FAA museum, we still have minimal information on the whole subject. Any help would be appreciated, whether...
  12. N

    Handler/acmn to eventual UY

    Hello folks, I'm a graduate and an ex-URNU student (come on let's hear ya), but currently a training officer within the URNU organisation, teaching navigation to the kids. I tried to join straight from uni but as many do, didn't score high enough for officer selection. Truth be told it isn't...
  13. effitilljointhenavy

    Aircrewman - FAT's still required?

    Hi all, When I began my application to join the Royal Navy as an Aircrewman back in April, the joining process instructions included the Flight Aptitude Test's (I believe they were to come after the PJFT). However, looking now on the Official Royal Navy website at the role description and...