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  1. M

    FAT's test... practice ideas?

    Hello,I took my FAT's tests around 2 years ago, and narrowly missed out on passing as a Pilot (and Observer). I have been invited back and want to prepare myself as much as possible.Looking back at my score sheet, the only areas I really failed on were: Sensory Motor Apparatus test (keeping...
  2. J

    Navy to raf apprenticeship

    I’ve currently got my date for HMS Raleigh and start in October to join as an AET, situations have changed at home and the AET position at the RAF is more convenient as to where training will be located can I transfer over, before I’ve started at Raleigh and will I need to do the whole joining...
  3. rebbonk

    Bold Venture: The American Bombing of Japanese Occupied Hong Kong, 1942–1945 by Steven K Bailey

    As I’ve said many times before, I actually know very little of the facts with respect to world war two. I’ll now add, I know even less of happenings in the far east. This book provided an opportunity to correct this a little.Firstly, I’ll say what an immensely entertaining read it was. Truth...