aircraft carriers

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    Aircraft Controller FAA and such

    Hi all! I’ve applied to be an aircraft controller, passed my exam and I’m waiting for an interview... I’ve always had an interest in aviation but didn’t want to go into the RAF Much prefer to be at sea than sat in Cyprus... just wanted to see how the role progresses, I can’t see me being put...
  2. Seaweed

    How Carriers Fought by Lars Callender

    Focusing on the big Pacific carrier battles of WW2, the author wanted to find out how they were fought, why particular methods and strategies were used, and whether the parties (particularly the USN) could have done better. He couldn't find a book that told him those things, so set about writing...
  3. Seaweed

    British Warship Recognition Vol.II by Richard Perkins

    This is the second of eight volumes of facsimiles of elegant water-coloured line drawings of British naval vessels from Victorian times to 1939. Each is annotated in manuscript with sketches of various detailed changes to appearance over successive refits such as funnel cowls. Volume I, covering...