1. Kirkmania

    Inside RAF Brize Norton (2013) TV Series

    Inside RAF Brize Norton (2013). This is a documentary showing the inner workings of the UK's biggest military air bases, RAF Brize Norton. This is disorientating at the best of times, with cargo, hardware and troops streaming to all corners of the globe 24 hours a day. But viewing it from a...
  2. Kirkmania

    Royal Air Force (RAF) TV Series & Documentaries

    Hello everyone, During my search for TV series and documentaries which involve the UK Royal Air Force (RAF), it has become apparent that many of you, love, enjoy and have searched for these hidden gems all over the internet. I intend to use this stream to guide such fans to the wonderful shows...
  3. CasinoAceJack


    Hello everyone. Allow me to give a brief introduction of who I am and what I'm interested in. I'm 23 years old with a brother in the forces. I'm now seriously considering a career in the Royal Navy. I'd like to apply for the role of Air Engineering Technician, but I have a few questions. -...