1. J

    Hms sultan start dates 2021

    When does training course start at hms sultan for AETs as expected to pass out Raleigh on the 11th of Demeter wondering when I would start phase 2 training as it would be close to Christmas would I be sent home till my start date at sultan or go straight there after pass out
  2. 0

    What workshop type skills do AET's learn?

    I've applied to be an AET and passed the RT test for it, however I just want to get a bit more insight into what AET's do other than the usual making sure the aircraft is ready to fly. My main question is are AET's taught how to manufacture parts / learn good tool skills other than just using a...
  3. J

    Navy to raf apprenticeship

    I’ve currently got my date for HMS Raleigh and start in October to join as an AET, situations have changed at home and the AET position at the RAF is more convenient as to where training will be located can I transfer over, before I’ve started at Raleigh and will I need to do the whole joining...
  4. S

    Joining tip’s and info

    Basically I’m away to Raleigh in 3 weeks i can run a mile and a half in 10mins 30 seconds and a 5k in just over 22mins. Looking for tips on Raleigh read all the other posts but they’re very old and was hoping for some fresher/ up to date ones. I’m joining up as AET and wanting to go to Yeovil...
  5. T

    Originally Joining as a WTE but transferred to AET, now i am worried i made the wrong decision.

    Hi im new here so hopefully someone can help out. As the title says, up until today i was going to join the RN as a ET(WE) but today i have transferred to AET. Now as stupid it as it sounds im just wondering from peoples experiences of either branches if ive made the wrong decision or not...
  6. M

    AET experiences

    Hi, I’m in the process of joining and training to become an AET I was just wondering is the travel really limited or is it just not by ship, any ex or serving WAFU fancy sharing there experiences abroad? Thanks.
  7. D

    Phase 2 Sultan Kit

    Joining HMS Sultan for phase 2 as AET on 8th January, however haven't received a kit list. Does anyone know if I should take ALL my kit from phase 1? Including my ones? Cheers
  8. D

    Eczema... again!

    Hello Rum Rationers, I'm about to start an application to join up as AET. I had a skin complaint a 18m ago where the skin on my fingers were splitting, I was referred to Derm Specialist who prescribed tablets that I didn't take because they would stop me from donating blood. I used coconut...
  9. Slipstream

    Age limit, second chance?

    For some time I have been considering a career in the RN, within a branch of engineering (perhaps AET). Initially when I first became interested/started to apply I was 29 years old. It was then announced the age limit for engineering would be reduced to 30. This stopped me in my tracks and...