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  1. S

    Getting SFA in Plymouth? (Long term relationship)

    Hello royals & shippers,I hope someone can help me with some info and advice. I’m an ex bootneck and have applied to rejoin the Corps after a four year break. The offer for rejoining is for me to retrain as an LC3 and be posted to 47 CDO (Devonport).I am now in a relationship which meets the...
  2. W

    What is the accommodation like in the RFA?

    The RFA haven't posted much about accommodation in the RFA. I've seen youtube videos about the cabins on the ships.I was just wondering if any fellow RFA workers could tell me what the accommodation like.Could anyone tell me the rent prices, what would you advice give? And what should I...
  3. J

    Need answers! :/

    Hi I'm just about to go to Raleigh in a few weeks and need the following questions answered:1) Are showers at HMS Raleigh private? 2) Do you get ANY leave for the duration of your Phase 1 training? 3) How many persons in one dorm?Any answers would be hugely appreciated!Thanks.
  4. S

    MCD Accomodation Horsea Island?

    Been talking to the old man in regards to accomodation, He says a lot would have changed since he left and he is unsure of what the accom is like... anyone able to shed any light?