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2018 application

  1. W

    Problems with application

    Hi there, ive tried to request an application through the website twice now, the first time i gave it a week to make sure and nothing, i just applied for it again this morning and sure enough, nothing. What should i do? I called the careers office and they told me just to apply online
  2. Sugar_Rush

    2018 Application

    Hi all. I am struggaling to re-apply on the RN website. I have been waiting a good month for an application and getting a tad bit bored now. I understand that they are going through some updates(?) and wondering if anyone knows when it will be up and running? Many thanks. P.S sorry for any...
  3. ws1602

    2018 Application - Step by Step

    Hello, so I have recently started my application for Warfare Specialist in the Navy. I thought that I would try, to my best ability, and document each step and give as much advice as possible. I know that there is advice out there for individual sections but I plan to compile all onto this one...