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Voices from Jutland……A Centernery Commemoration….Author...Jim Crossley.

I haven’t read much about Jutland previously, my main focus being World War 2 and forward mainly on the Royal Navy Submarine Service so this was quite a departure.

A fairly slim volume packed with facts and figures with some very useful appendix showing charts at various times of the Battle and a lot of line drawings giving a very good idea of the different configurations of both British and German capital ships.

Quite the dream book for those interested in the Gunnery aspect, it gives not just the weight of a projectile but also the total weight of projectiles fired during the battle by most of the major Warships. It also lays out the calibre and number of guns in the main batteries in each case.

I was amazed at the poor ratio between shots fired and number of hits, by both sides, although the Germans did come out slightly ahead. You get a very good idea of the chaos caused by poor communications, both between the Admiralty and the Fleet and between ships. It also brings home the difference that advances such as Radar have made.

The casualty figures make for sombre reading, approximately 5700 British and 2500 German dead. The disparity in the numbers is caused by the number of British capital ships sunk.

Not a book, I would suggest for those who have already studied Jutland, but a very good introduction to those, like me, who have very little knowledge of the Battle.
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