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Touble at Zero Hour by Rob Lofthouse.

The Author is a retired Army Sergeant.

The book is broken into three sections.

The first covers the Glider landings intended to seize the bridges over the Caen Canal and the river Orne to prevent German reinforcements getting to the Allied troops landing on the Normandy beaches.

The next section covers the Glider landings at Arnhem, part of Operation Market Garden.

Finally it’s the advance into Germany itself including the liberation, by Allied Forces, of Belsen Concentration Camp.

Both the battle scenes and the characters come across as realistic and believable.

There are some very graphic descriptions of the Glider landings and the high casualties caused by this method of insertion into battle, it would be interesting to see the pro’s and con’s, re casualty figures between Parachuting in or the use of Gliders. One of the main advantages of the use of Gliders would, I suspect be less training for the troops involved.

As I said earlier, I enjoyed to book and would give it four anchors.


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