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The Warrior, The Strategist and You: How to Find Your Purpose and Realise Your Potential

The Warrior, The Strategist and You: How to find your purpose and Realise Your Potential - Floyd Woodrow

Having taught many of the skills alluded to in this book; I have to compliment the author on its completeness.

The very first sentence asks the right question: ‘Are you reaching your full potential in life?’ How many of us are? And from that point forward, the author sets out ideas and guides that will help anyone, no matter what sphere of life they exist in, to achieve so much more.

There is nothing new in this book. The tools, setting goals etc. are all well known, tried, tested and proven methods of achieving more. But what is different about this book is the infectious, even contagious, way that the author puts things over. He is brimming with enthusiasm you can feel it; I can only wonder what he’s like in real life? Reading this book really is like having your own animated personal coach and trainer right in front of you. The author even shares his own experiences with you, admitting that he hasn’t always gotten things right. I usually find that when someone can laugh at himself and recognise that they aren’t perfect it’s a case of leading by example and not ‘do as I say, not do as I do!’

The book encourages the keeping of a journal of your thoughts and learning, suggesting that sketches and maps might well help. Whilst even quite recently I would teach the use of sketches, it’s a habit that seems to have fallen out of vogue, which is a shame, because it works. The author shares a couple of his sketches as examples which demonstrate the principles. - A case of a picture painting 1000 words.

I also like the quiz tick-box sections at the end of each chapter. They encourage you to reflect on what’s been said and prompt you to take appropriate action.

Employers are frequently complaining that new recruits lack certain work and social skills: if the content of this book was on the curriculum for every school, it would dramatically reduce this problem. The skills within these pages can set you up for life, if you’re prepared to do your homework and to actually act on things. This book is a truly entertaining read, which anyone, any age, anywhere, ought to be able to learn something from.

I’m going to rate this book at 4½ anchors. I would have gone to 5, but the author’s 4 points of the compass analogy didn’t quite do it for me.