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The Sea Devils...............Author Mark Felton.

The Sea Devils…………Mark Felton.

A very well written book that carries you along with those involved, at times it was very easy to forget that this was a true story and not a Boys Own work of fiction. I found myself reading just one more chapter on more than one occasion. If history had been written in this way when I was a school I might have paid more attention.

The story starts in early 1944 when volunteers are wanted for Special and hazardous service within the Submarine Service. These men were required to serve in the new XE Craft, which were still under construction.

You are taken through the men’s training in both Scottish waters and the Pacific and leading up to attacks on two Japanese Cruisers which had been anchored in the Johore Straits as gun batteries to combat any attempted landings by the Allies. They were also tasked with cutting telephone lines to hinder Japanese communications.

Whilst not everything goes to plan the raids were a great success. These raids, in my opinion have not received the same sort of publicity that the Tirpitz ones did and as such make the book very interesting reading.

There is also some interest for those interested in Diving, the primitive gear that the Divers were using and the lengths that they went to, at great danger to themselves, to achieve their aims is astounding.

A very interesting book I give it four anchors.

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