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The Reykjavik Assignment ... Author Adam Lebor.

There is no doubt that the background to the book has been exhaustively researched. But I felt that the continuous naming of various different Countries Intelligence Agencies and the various departments of the United Nations detracts from the main characters and story line.

I have taken a long time reading this novel, it just didn't flow for me, which made it very hard going.

The basic story line is that our heroine is tasked with setting up a meeting, in Reykjavik, between the American and Iranian Presidents in the hope that they can reach agreement and broker a peace deal between them. Any such deal would be against the financial interests of various companies and agencies so they are working to stop the meeting being a success by whatever means possible.

There are various twists and turns with reference being made to a number of the more recent conflicts not least Bosnia and Afghanistan, all of which add to the complexity of the book.

Not a good review from me, as I said previously I found it hard going, that is not to say others wouldn't enjoy it.

I give it two anchors.

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