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The Lone Warrior.

One of a series of books by Paul Fraser Collard featuring Jack Lark. (A Scarlet Thief, The Maharajahs General and The Devils Assassin) I hadn't read the other books in the series but it reads well as a stand a lone novel.
It uses a mixture of fictional and actual characters which have been blended in well to give an insight into that period of history.

At this time in his life Jack Lark has been discharged from the Army and is rescuing a Damsel in distress only to subsequently find himself in Delhi in 1857 at the time of the first Indian Mutiny.

Having survived to destruction of the Delhi Magazine and Arsenal He finds himself back in the Army with an irregular mounted unit under the command of a somewhat doubtful Englishman.

The book finishes with Lark being involved in the retaking of Delhi and witnessing some dreadful atrocities by both side.

Not my normal choice of book, but I enjoyed it and would give it 4 Anchors.

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