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The Last Legionnaire.

The Last Legionnaire…..Author Paul Fraser Collard.

This is the second novel I have read by Paul Fraser Collard featuring his hero Jack Lark. The author weaves history and fiction together in an easy to read format and the book flows along at a good rate.

This time Jack returns to his London roots briefly, after a tragedy in which his Mother is killed He sets off for Europe and finds himself once more embroiled in a brutal war this time in one involving the French and Austrian armies.

I’d not heard of the battles of Magenta or Solferino before but they both fielded large armies and the casualty figures are horrific for both killed and wounded on all sides. There is a short historical appendage at the rear of the book which gives some facts and figures.

The novel is set at a time when developments are being made to weaponary and such things a rifling and shaped shells, as opposed to the old round shot are being introduced.

Our hero finds himself in French uniform fighting alongside them through some heavy fighting with some very descriptive blood and guts action.

Ideal holiday reading, Paul Collard uses historical events as part of his novels but does not allow them to bog the book down and the fictional side always shines through.

I would recommend the book and give it four anchors.

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